Virginia Regional Transit - ADA

                          Additional Passenger Information:

On Time Pickups and Pickup Window:  Reservations have a 30 minute pickup window to expect the arrival of a driver (15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time).  If the driver arrives between the expected pickup window and the passenger is not there to board the driver will wait 3 minutes before departing.  This will be considered a no show.

 No Show and Cancellations:   Any passenger who is unavailable between the designated pickup windows of scheduled trips, that has not notified VRT to cancel that trip, is considered a no show reservation.  Scheduled trips are to be cancelled at a minimum within two (2) hours prior to the time of the scheduled trip.  Any scheduled trip not cancelled within that window will considered a no show reservation.

 Certified ADA Visitors:  Service will be provided to eligible visitors.  Visitors are presumed eligible for service after providing documentation of their ADA eligibility in the jurisdiction where they reside.  Service is provided for no more than twenty-one (21) days during a three hundred sixty-five (365) day period.  After twenty-one (21) days of service in this time frame, visitors are required to complete VRT’s full eligibility process.

 ADA Priority Seating:  It is the policy of VRT to require those individuals not disabled to vacate priority seating located in the securement area of the bus when a person with a disability needs to use them.

 Inappropriate, Abusive, or Dangerous Behavior:  If a passenger is physical or verbally abusive to a VRT employee and/or other passengers, that passenger is subject to immediate probation and/or temporary suspension of service.  Additional reasons can include, but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized use of or willful damage to vehicle equipment
  • Repeated violation of established riding rules for all passengers (posted on each vehicle)
  • Other criminal conduct defined in and/or prohibited by law

Suspensions will begin 7 days after date of notification.  Letters of suspension will contain information on the decision and appeals process.  Any passenger has the right to file an Appeal of Service Suspension with VRT.